Reducing our Environmental Footprint

We believe everyone has a part to play in minimising the damage to our beautiful planet. Being situated in such a stunning part of the world, we want to do our bit to preserve it’s natural beauty for future generations and we’d love for you to help us achieve our goals.

Here’s what we, and our other guests, are doing to make a difference

  • We use E-Cloths with microfibers for cleaning to reduce use of chemicals
  • All our cleaning products are completely degradable, according to the OECD 301F test, and are free from chlorine or other halogens and mineral acids
  • We use Eco-works Washroom Cleaner to clean urinals and public toilets.
  • This is a biologically based odour preventative hard surface cleaner. It is a concentrated solution containing naturally occurring micro-organisms, biodegradable surfactants, preservatives, dyes & fragrances
  • We have introduced Eco Knit snag free, quick drying towels, saving 41% energy and using 15% less water.
  • Our urinals have no flushing water & each have an eco-cube that contains millions of naturally occurring friendly microbes that eliminate any odour-producing bacteria
  • Our bathroom products are degradable, phosphate free, CFC free, acid/alkaline free, solvent free & with recyclable packaging
  • We use Nouvelle toilet paper tissues which are 100% recycled Our pencils are made from recycled video cassettes, our pens from recycled CDs & our coasters are made from recycled tyres
  • We offer our guests recycled notepad paper in the bedrooms
  • We use Evolve which is 100% recycled printer paper in the office
  • Our food and beverages team try to order, where possible, more locally sourced produce to reduce food miles
  • Packaging is returned, where possible, to our suppliers so it can be re-used
  • We have water butts for Rainwater Harvesting
  • Our lighting is mostly operated through low voltage or energy saving lamps
  • Our external lights are on a dusk-dawn simulator or dusk simulator with time clock We use low energy LED Fusion corridor lights & GU10 LEDs
  • Our corridor lighting, the public toilets & cupboards are controlled by a PIR system – motion detection to save energy when no-one is using them
  • We recycle glass, cardboard, paper, plastic & aluminum wherever possible
  • All our appliances are on SAVAWATT, a time clock or dusk-dawn simulators
  • Our appliances are switched off when not in use & only switched on when required
  • We use Ecover Hand Dishwash, Ecover Techno San & Ecover Techno Swan
  • An ionator being used for sanitising work tops & equipment in the kitchen
  • There are 1Ltr Travel kettles in all bedrooms
  • Our website is on Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

You can also assist us in minimising damage to the environment

  • Many guests place only towels for washing in the shower tray &/or bath, hanging up towels they can use again if their stay for us is longer than one night.
  • Many guests also turn off the TV, lights or water taps when they are not in use or they are not in their room If our guests keep the bathroom door closed, they can help retain the bedroom temperature and minimise energy use to regulate the temperature
  • If you want us to recycle more, you can help by separating your glass, plastic, paper & aluminum items when leaving the bedroom – if you want to go that little bit further, please place them in the wooden box in reception