Our Pet Policy

Dog friendly Angus Hotel 

The Angus is the friendliest hotel in Blairgowrie for dogs and their owners too. We welcome the four-legged friend with open paws and doggy treats. We love dogs so much that we have a few dog-friendly hotel guestrooms that are especially suitable for bringing along the faithful friend.  

Our hotel public areas are available for everyone, and dogs are welcome in the bar and lounge area, we have set up a doggy water station by the fire too 

For those dogs bringing less well-behaved owners, we have made up a few dog friendly staycation rules to keep your owners in check and to make sure that all our guests have a great stay with us. 

The rules 

Doggy do’s 

  • Please let us know in advance that you are coming with your pal, so we can get ready 
  • Always keep your four-legged pal on the lead 
  • Stay off of our furniture and keep all four paws firmly on the ground  
  • Take time out for any excitable or vocal muts that have a bit of an attitude with others  
  • Ask for our spare poo bags if you have forgotten 
  • Use the dry off towels in the basket at reception especially for wet and dirty dogs  
  • Visit he local doggy store up the street, there are lots of wooftastic treats  
  • Feed your dog in your room or outside by your car 
  • Take advantage of the lovely walks from the hotel to exercise your dog. In the interests of safety for your dog and local farm and wildlife, please keep your dog on a lead. 

Doggy Dont’s  

  • Let your pal foul around the hotel entrance and car park areas 
  • Leave your dog unattended unless in a cage in the guestrooms 
  • Bring your dog wet or dirty into the public areas as they can smell “wet doggy like” 
  • Let your dog on the beds or furniture downstairs  
  • Roam around the bar unsupervised 
  • Eat from your plate at dinner  

Pet charges 

The pet-friendly rooms can host a maximum of two dogs, at a cost of just £20.00 per night per dog which includes treats, drying towel and waste bags. 

Finally, please note that the dog owner is responsible for any charges incurred following the unfortunate circumstance of any damage sustained or industrial cleaning requirements.